Retirement is the culmination of decades of hard work and dedication – one that you have decades to enjoy!

For most people, their retirement years are about finding the right balance of healthcare, assistance, and personal freedom to enjoy an independent and active lifestyle. 

One of the biggest debates in retirement planning is the choice between home health care and a retirement residence. Why should you choose luxury retirement living over home health care? 

While home care provides benefits for certain people, most want an independent lifestyle that makes life easy where they need it to be easy, but is also still exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling on a daily basis. So let’s dive into the reasons why you should choose luxury retirement homes over home health care.

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Luxury Retirement Communities Turn Retirement Into a Long-Term Vacation

Who doesn’t want to spend their days enjoying exceptional services and luxurious amenities? If you plan ahead, you can send yourself on a long-term luxury vacation experience in a luxury senior living community. 

Enjoy beautiful, private suites with stunning views of the local scenery. You can order room service, visit a pub, or book concierge transportation to local shops just like you are on vacation. Enjoy on-site activities, fitness classes, or delicious, chef-prepared meals whenever you see fit. Why stay at home when a luxury retirement community has so much to offer?

Explore New Experiences

One of the greatest advantages of an active senior living community is the options residents have to pursue their interests (or discover new ones) on a daily basis. Retirement is a great time to learn new things. Learn artwork, languages, or tai chi. Explore new music styles, take classes, or meet up with other seniors to plan fun events of your own. The catered, curated, and planned activities are part of the benefits of senior living communities. You will receive concierge care and great opportunities to try new things one class and outing at a time.

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Gyms, Pubs, and Social Groups – All Within Walking Distance

Luxury retirement communities, such as Sorrento, are designed to provide the most lifestyle in the shortest number of steps. Just down the hall or elevator from your private suite, you’ll find a variety of luxury amenities. 

Meet friends for home cooked meals in the craft kitchen or nightcaps at the pub. Head over to the salon or upstairs to the rooftop garden and potting room. Enjoy the on-site fitness center, the sundrenched swimming pool, or the in-house theater all within comfortable walking distance of your room and back again.

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Medical and Personal Assistance On-Call

The other great benefit of luxury senior living is that the staff will make sure you get the nursing or medical attention you need to stay safe and comfortable – but they are not the center of your senior lifestyle. 

At Sorrento Retirement Residence, you can enjoy as much independence as you want, with assisted living services available on a dedicated floor for those residents who need nursing and senior care services or support. 

Independent Living Without the Worries of Home Maintenance

Home care involves continuing to care for your personal home. You will still need to worry about the roof and gutters, the foundation and landscaping, not to mention interior cleaning every month. 

In retirement communities, these things are taken care of. No need to worry about the roof! With housekeeping services on hand, and no household maintenance to worry about, you can make each day whatever you want it to be!

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Sorrento’s reception desk

Sorrento Retirement Residence – Bolton’s Finest Retirement Community

If you are currently planning your retirement, the Sorrento difference needs to be seen to be believed. Book your tour today! 

Explore the benefits and options of luxury senior living. We’re here to make your retirement as convenient, adventurous, and enjoyable as possible!