The decision to move to a senior living community is significant. It’s natural to have questions and concerns about what life will be like once you make the switch. 

Many people get caught up in myths and misconceptions about senior living, but the information contained in this article will help you separate fact from fiction and help you decide on the best way to enjoy your golden years. For many people, luxury retirement homes offer the best balance of support and independent living.

Myth: Moving into a senior living community will take away your independence.

Let’s set the record straight: seniors don’t lose their independence simply because they move into a retirement residence. Residents continue to lead very active lives. There are plenty of opportunities for socializing and engaging in fun activities. 

Myth: Most Senior Living Communities are Just Like Hospitals or Institutions.

Here you have another misconception. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Senior living residences have come a long way in recent years.

Today, luxury retirement homes, such as Sorrento Retirement Residence, offer a wide range of services and amenities, including private suites and common areas where residents can interact with each other as well as friends and loved ones.

Residents also enjoy fine dining, elegant assisted living spaces, including one and two-bedroom suites with kitchenettes, dens, independent heating and cooling options, and walk-out patios and terraces.

Myth: Life in a Senior Living Community is Boring.

On the contrary, senior living at Sorrento is lively, with plenty of social activities and events to take part in. Whether it’s a movie night or group outing, there is always something going on. And, of course, you’re free to plan your get-togethers with your friends and neighbors.

Many places have holiday celebrations, special events, and themed parties throughout the year. Senior living communities can be just as cheerful and festive as any other community.

Plus, they’re extremely visitor-friendly. You’re always welcome to bring friends and family over for a meal or an afternoon of fun.

Myth: Senior living communities are inconvenient.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, they are designed to make life easier for residents. There is always someone on staff to help out when needed.

At luxury retirement homes, you will find a wide variety of amenities on-site, such as beauty salons, barbershops, and spas. You’ll also find common areas for socializing and private suites for when you want some privacy to help accommodate guests.

Myth: It’s better to wait until you need more help to move.

While it’s an option, it’s not the best answer. The earlier you move, the more time you will have to make the most of your retirement. Waiting until you need more help may limit your options for independent living facilities. In the event of an unexpected illness or health crisis, your options could be limited to assisted living facilities.

In a luxury retirement residence, you can enjoy all the benefits of senior living, such as socializing with friends, participating in activities, and having access to care if you need it.

Myth: Senior Living Facilities Lack Privacy.

This is another misconception that isn’t true. Independent living communities, in particular, offer a lot of privacy. You can come and go as you please and spend time with friends and family in private apartments.

For Senior Living at its Finest, Choose Sorrento Retirement Residence

Seniors don’t have to lose their independence when they move into a retirement community. The senior living industry has changed a great deal over the past few decades, and they don’t feel like hospitals or institutions anymore. 

For luxury senior living in Ontario, Sorrento Retirement Residence is second to none. Book a tour today!

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