Sorrento FAQs

Q1. I'm still healthy and independent. How do I know when the time is right to move into a residence like Sorrento?

A1. Sorrento offers independent living for any senior over the age of 60. While we do offer designated amenities and support for those who require it, we find that the ideal time to move in is earlier in retirement, allowing you — and, in many cases, your partner — to take full advantage of our amenities, and grow accustomed to the pace and lifestyle, which is often more relaxed and socially enriched, respectively.

Q2. I live alone right now. How is my lifestyle likely to change if I move into a retirement residence?

A2. Sorrento offers resort-style living. That means our in-house chefs prepare your meals for you to enjoy in our dining room. We offer regular services such as housekeeping, laundry, and personal support (some at an additional expense, inquire with one of our representatives). We offer social clubs and activities, fitness facilities, a spa, as well as complimentary transportation to and from local attractions and shopping. In short, you can expect not only a certain level of service and support, but a thriving social life.

Q3. What is the difference between a retirement residence like Sorrento and long-term care?

A3. Long-term care facilities offer a higher level of medical and personal support, subsidized by the government. Within long-term care, there are often different kinds of care including memory care (for seniors with dementia, for example) and palliative care.

Sorrento is a private residence offering a lifestyle experience and providing some social and medical support. If you're unsure whether Sorrento is right for you, book an appointment today to discuss your needs with a member of our team.

Q4. What if I need a higher level of care down the road? What does Sorrento offer?

A4. We offer medication management, personal care (such as assistance dressing, bathing, etc.), housekeeping services, and on-site physician and nursing services. Residents have access to all of these services at any time, as they need it and as their needs change. Should a need arise, Sorrento also offers designated in-house facilities for those who require a higher level of care, and can help facilitate a transition to long-term care for those who develop a need for more comprehensive services.

Q5. Can my family and friends visit whenever they want? Can I go visit them whenever I want?

A5. Yes! We don’t limit the comings and goings of our residents, and friends and family are welcome to visit during the day or evening. Our only ask is that everyone who enters the building checks in with our front desk for health and security purposes.

Q6. What about my pet? Can they come too?

A6. Yes! Sorrento is a pet-friendly residence and we do all that we can to ensure your furry friend feels as welcome as you do.

Q7. Are all my living expenses included in that cost?

A7. The monthly rental fee at Sorrento varies by suite size and type, and includes our standard services and amenities including meals, security, housekeeping (including linen laundry), and recreation. Additional services (i.e. personal laundry, medication management etc.) are available to residents at an additional cost. Speak to one of our representatives to find out what’s right for you.

Q8 I'm still not decided, if I come for a visit, will I get a sense of what it's like to live there?

A8. Yes you will. Not only can you come in for a tour, but you’re also welcome to book a trial or vacation stay in a fully furnished suite so you can experience all of the community’s amenities, dining services, clubs, and activities.