Retirement Home vs Long-Term Care: Factors to Consider for Retirees

There are many kinds of retirement communities across the country, but it’s important to know that independent living retirement residences, assisted-living residences, memory care homes and long-term care homes differ in a number of important ways. Independent living retirement [...]

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Sorrento Retirement Residence Hosts BBQ Event to Celebrate Frontline & Emergency Services Workers

This past weekend, Sorrento Retirement Residence hosted a celebratory barbecue event to thank frontline and emergency services workers in the Bolton-Caledon community for their tireless efforts throughout the pandemic. Featuring a wide array of delicious food and live entertainment, the [...]

November 29, 2021|Categories: Sorrento Events|Tags: , , |

Things to Consider When Choosing a Retirement Community

Retirement communities provide an abundance of activities and lifestyle options to help seniors live their best lives. However, whether you’re an independent senior looking to move into a retirement community or doing research on behalf of your loved ones, you [...]

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Luxurious Retirement Living: What to Look for in a Retirement Home When Living Well Is Your Priority

In retirement, everyone wants to live well. After long and successful careers, it's only natural that retirees want to discover new interests, while enjoying independent living in the company of family and new friends in luxurious surroundings.   This is [...]

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